R U ready to Leave The Pack Behind?



Many of us are aware of the fact that smoking is one of the causes of lung cancer. Sometimes as students, we don’t think this will affect us, even if some of us do smoke. Tobacco use is the number one preventable public health problem we face. Although there have been modest reductions in smoking rates among adolescents and adults, tobacco use continues to be highest among young adults in Canada.  Approximately 22% of young adults smoke cigarettes, with 10% of young adult smokers reporting that they began smoking after the age of 18. On university campuses, up to 40% of students smoke cigarettes at least occasionally.  Gives you something to think about, eh?

Operating in the Health Promotion department is Leave The Pack Behind (LTPB). It’s a comprehensive, age-tailored, tobacco control initiative for young adults that aims to protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke, prevent students from starting to smoke, and promote smoking cessation among occasional and regular smokers.  Therefore, it reaches all students on campus – whether they smoke a little, a lot, or not at all (marijuana and shisha included). LTPB aims to create an atmosphere which promotes healthy choices around smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke.


LTPB strives to have many different resources since the diverse characteristics of young adults make it unlikely that one type of intervention can adequately meet all their needs.  We provide the SMOKE and QUIT booklets designed for smokers who don’t want to quit and for students who are thinking about or ready to quit, respectively. U KNOW U WANT 2 booklets as a resource for students who want to help a friend, family member, roommate or loved one quit smoking, carbon monoxide (CO) testing offered to smokers and non-smokers so they can see the immediate physical effect of their exposure to cigarette smoke.  We also provide referrals to the Medical Centre in KHW 181 to access the patch and gum (FOR FREE!) to help students with their quitting journey. Lastly, we also offer personalized peer to peer support via email, phone call, or text to encourage and motivate students who are quitting.

We recognize that not every smoker is in the stage where they’re ready to quit, and that’s alright. We’d just like for them to know who and where we are when they’re ready to take that step.

Need a little more motivation to quit? LTPB is prepping up for its annual ‘wouldurather…’contest in January. It lasts 6 weeks to challenge and motivate students to quit smoking, reduce smoking, and maintain their smoke free-lifestyle. There are four categories:

  •  ‘Quit For Good’ for a chance to win $1000: For students   who want to quit smoking
  •  ‘Keep The Count’ for a chance to win$500: For students who want to reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked daily by half & who don’t think they can quit right now
  • ‘Party Without The Smoke’ for a chance to win $250. For students who want to stop smoking while partying and drinking alcohol. Shisha and marijuana users fall into this category too!
  • ‘Don’t Start & Win’ for a chance to win $100: For non-smokers and ex-smokers who want to stay smoke free

wouldurather… runs from January 28th  – March 11th  2013. Registration begins Dec 1st 2012 – Jan 27th, 2013. Register online to read more about rules & eligibility at http://www.leavethepackbehind.org/contest.php. Many booth tables will be held throughout January on campus to register, learn more about the contest and LTPB, find out what other prizes are available, and pick up some LTPB swag, so make sure to like us on Facebook (LeaveThePackBehind@Ryerson University) and keep up to date about LTPB & wouldurather… If you would like to see us sooner, we’ll have booth displays in POD60 Nov 20th and 27th from 11am-2pm

LTPB runs out of the Health Promotion Department at Ryerson in KHW 277. Contact us at ltpb@ryerson.ca,  4169795000 ext 7607. Facebook: LeaveThePackBehind@Ryerson University






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