Good Food Centre

By Rachel Fernandes, Health Promotion Team

Being a student can be a costly ordeal. From paying high tuition to the expensive rent or commuter fare, we are always looking to save a buck or two.

Is there a way of accessing free, non-perishable food items without having to make a dent in our wallets?

Look no further! Did you know that Ryerson has its own community food bank? Located in SCC 209, this community food bank provides students with free non-perishable food and fresh produce to those who are struggling with financial obligations. Thus, students don’t have to compromise between paying rent and studying on an empty stomach.

The Good Food Center is a student run organization that provides healthy and affordable food items for students on a budget. Instead of opting out for cheap high in calorie food options, this student food bank provides great and healthy options for free.  Membership is available to all Ryerson students and becoming a member is really easy. With an honest and open door policy in place, this food bank doesn’t have eligibility criteria to access its services.  Students are able to fill out a membership form found in the Good Food Center office and thereafter pick-up different non-perishable and fresh food items.

The items within the food bank are distributed on a credit system. Ten credits are provided weekly, which sustains students with food for approximately three days.  Each food item is worth one credit with exceptions to some items.  The food bank receives a fresh supply of food bi-weekly every other Tuesday.  Students can make use of this service and avoid cheap greasy fast food.

The Good Food Center food bank program runs Monday to Friday during office hours. In addition to its community food bank, the food center also provides The Good Food Box. This Box contains locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables in an assortment of sizes and options. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive especially with the good food box options ranging in prices from $13.00- $34.00. The Wellness Box listed at $13 is excellent for students on the go, with sliced fruits and vegetables that are ready to eat and use.

Healthy eating can be a struggle for the average student, but don’t let that stop you from trying out different food options! For more information visit and contact Good Food Centre:

416.979.5255 x 2319