A student’s (second) least favourite week of the year: MIDTERM WEEK

By: Marissa Perrella, Health Promotion Team.

Welcome to the last week of October;

  • The week that every professor has scheduled a midterm.
  • The week that you have to present a group project (and you did all of the work).
  • The week that you have to work your least favourite shifts.
  • The week that that you get a cold
  • And of course, the week of Halloween where you are too stressed out to even think about your costume, where you’re going, what you’re doing, etc.

Because this week is just WAY TOO STRESSFUL!


I am writing to you as a fourth year student who knows this week all too well, and probably despises it just as much (or even more) than you. It’s a rough week. I could give you a ton of motivational quotes to get you through the week and tell you that you’re going to do amazing on all of your exams and fulfill all of your responsibilities; but let’s be honest, that sounds impossible.

However, I will tell you that you will get through this week, you will pass all of your midterms, your hard work on that group project will reflect in your grade, work won’t be as bad as you predicted, and that cold that you’re fighting is going to pass!

So with that being said, here are some tips for you for the week:

  • TAKE A POWER NAP: while you are reading this, you are probably falling asleep because that is how much of a toll this week is taking on you. Students are notorious for missing sleep and being consistently sleep-deprived, which actually makes them less productive in terms of studying. You might not feel like you have the time to take a full-blown 3 hour nap, but how about a power nap?
    • Power naps will… reduce stress, make you more alert, improve cognitive functioning, improve reaction time and increase your learning efficiency!
  • EXERCISE: This is one of the best things that you can do to blow off extra steam and frustration. Even if you just try to get some physical activity for 30 minutes every day, or only go to the gym twice a week, you will definitely feel a difference (you also won’t feel as bad about all of your bad snacking habits or stress eating!) There are options for everyone…
  • MUSIC: Music has many benefits for students and is a proven stress reliever with many cognitive benefits to help calm you down and stimulate your brain…
    • When you get up in the morning, turn on your favourite song to motivate you for the day. Dance a little. For some people, listening to music while studying actually helps them stay focused- try this out (but make a playlist first so you don’t spend all day choosing songs).
    • If you prefer to study in silence (like myself), listening to 4 songs in a row is the perfect 15 minute break!
    • Before bed, play something more relaxing to help turn your brain off from the world for a few hours of sleep.
  • ORGANIZATION: Yes, it is a proven fact that clutter causes stress. There’s nothing worse than walking into a room with dirty dishes, laundry all over the floor and a fully covered, messy desk- you know it, I know it, we all know it. Studying and working in an organized setting can increase productivity and boost morale, so…
    • Reorganize your desk today and create a neat, organized setting for yourself to study at for the week.
    • Get the dishes done- they will start to smell, which will in turn start to aggravate you even more.
    • If you don’t have time to do your laundry, at least put it all in the basket and keep it off of the floor- the room will already look much neater!

That’s all the advice for you today, Rams. Happy studying, good luck on your midterms and please take into consideration some of these tips- they really will make this week easier on you!