Making the Most of this Journey.


Although we’re hyped about the fall colours, chill autumn vibes and PSL’s, it may be hard to fully enjoy these things amidst midterm & assignment season (& soon-to-be finals!).


The pressure, limited time and oh-so-much-content “you MUST know” may be causing you to feel the typical student burn-out. Maybe even as of this moment, all you can think about is “STRESS” and nothing else.

Today, I want to help you re-focus the whole purpose of university and school. It’s not to stress out over exams and the list of To-Do’s we must check off our list, but to become the BEST VERSION of yourself. In this process of personal development in university, your thoughts, mind, behaviour, actions and lifelong skills will be refined, enhancing your ability to do amazing things in this world.

Whether you have a certain dream or career aspiration you’re chasing after, or in many cases, don’t know what you want to do yet for the rest of your life, rest assured that NOW is the BEST stage in life to explore your interests, options, and most importantly – your passions to discover what makes you look forward to getting out of bed every morning!


However, as amazing as it may seem, achieving life goals aren’t always so easy. Along the way, there will definitely be some bumpy roads that may discourage you, but RAMS – pick yourself up and remember:

“Failures are part of life. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn you’ll never change.”

Life is such a gift, and YOU are so blessed to be able to go to school. It’s so easy just to complain about everything and be caught up with the business of life, but if you reflect on the BIGGER PICTURE, you will enjoy this journey so much more.

And another thing to be happy about are the lifelong friends who will carry you through thick and thin. Friends are a pretty important part of life, making it THAT much more enjoyable. Never forget to make time for the people you love and never neglect the true value of community and relationships in your life (whether it be your family, friends and/or significant other). It’s easy to forget the things that truly matter and the people who have left footprints in our hearts. They’re here to speak words of encouragement and support you all the way, especially during this time when you need it. Through both the worst and best times of your life, the people who love you will be right there by your side.










So RAMS, remember that you have purpose, meaning and value in this gift of life you have. Each day can be a beautiful one if you choose JOY. Don’t focus on the troubles of each day, but remember each day’s blessings.

And remember, acing midterms and completing assignments are tasks that will bring you ONE STEP CLOSER to the life you’ve always dreamt of!

As it was once said, “Life is not just about the destination, but the journey.”


With Warmest Regards from your Ryerson Health Promotion Communicator,

Rachel Shim