Things to look forward to in December!

By Marissa Perrella.

I know you’re probably thinking that right now, there’s nothing to look forward too because all you can think (or dread) about are all of the projects and papers you have due next week and your final exams which are literally right around the corner.

To lighten up your mood, how about you check out these events and things to look forward to coming up in December?! Having something to look forward too often makes us work harder to complete the things we don’t want to do (such as finals) and helps to keep us motivated on studying and doing well because we plan to REWARD ourselves with something awesome in the end!

  1. The Toronto Christmas Market
  • Okay if you haven’t already checked this place out, it’s a must.
  • Not only is it the perfect place for all of your photo-ops, but it has some DELICIOUS food (the turkey legs are amazing!), really cool and unique artsy vendors (I get my mom a Christmas gift here every year), freebies, and you can meet Santa (and relive your childhood!)
  • There is NO ADMISSION FEE on weekdays (it is closed on Mondays), but on Fridays starting on 5pm until Sunday it will cost $6.
  • Going at night is much better than during the day if you can, it’s 10x prettier, however it is super busy so be prepared for that.


  1. Casa Loma
  • Casa Loma is totally beautiful at Christmas. You can take a tour of this magnificent castle and every single room will be decorated with a unique and stunning Christmas tree.
  • If you go on a weekend there will likely be tons of kids (they have special events for children only) but if you go on a weekday (especially at night) it’ll be worth the admission fee.
  • They haven’t posted any info on their website yet, but keep this in mind!


  1. Toronto Harbourfront
  • This is a perfect place to go skating for free on an ice rink located right between the harbour and Toronto’s beautify city line. It might get busy during their scheduled DJ nights, but it’s so beautiful there it’s totally worth it.
  • Dress warm- the winds off of the lake get cold really quickly.
  • This location doesn’t appear to be open quite yet, but it will open in December!
  • Natrel Rink:
  • If skating isn’t for you… then you can still walk along the waterfront and enjoy a beautiful display of lights from November 26th to January 1st.


  1. SHOWS!
  • The Nutcracker (Christmas-y) OR Disney on Ice (“Dream Big”).
  • If you’re not really into spending time outside doing things in the cold, why not go to a show? These are two very well-known shows that play in Toronto and are probably worth a visit.
  • You could probably check on Groupon for cheaper prices and deals (that’s what I usually do) in order to get the best for your buck!
  • (I am guilty of really loving the Disney on Ice shows, so I would definitely recommend this- it would be even more greater if you have a younger sibling or cousin to bring with you!).
  • (A beautiful Ballet!)
  1. Seriously good holiday food…


  1. Other snow-related things…
  • If none of those things have captured your attention yet, how about the classic and free things that we, in Canada, can do with SNOW?!
  • Believe it or not, there are actually several places in Toronto that you can go tobogganing in! Or, even just to build a snowman, if that’s what you prefer. Check them out!


Okay, I know this one isn’t in December, but just a little reminder that FRIDAY NOVEMBER 25TH IS BLACK FRIDAY!!! Not only do we go to school at the coolest university in Toronto, but we also go to school right beside the biggest mall in Toronto- the Eaton Centre! All of the stores are going to have super sweet deals and many stores will OPEN SUPER EARLY! Some of the stores even hand out scratch cards or gift cards with random dollar amounts of money to the first ___ hundred customers. THAT’S FREE MONEY! So perfect to help you save on that holiday shopping!

It’s important for both your mental and physical to take breaks while you are studying and to let your brain relax. Exam season is always particularly hard on our bodies and minds, so please, take care and never hesitate to visit the universities counselling center at JOR 07-C.

That’s it for today, RAMS. Keep posted for more blogs during exam week 🙂