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As the holidays are approaching, stress tends to build up amongst families. Exams are finished so you would think that your stress would go away, but sometimes that is not the case. Stress is totally normal right? According to the National College Health Assessment of Ryerson completed on Spring of 2016, 52.2% of Ryerson students believe that stress is a normal occurrence within university. Furthermore, 73.3% of students are “proud” and want to try to cope with their stress alone. So, we SHARP ambassadors sought to find out how Ryerson students coped with their stress, whether it be positive or negative.

This campaign seeks to raise awareness around various unique and positive coping/de-stress strategies to encourage Ryerson students to learn these techniques from each other. 89.9% of Ryerson students did state they were generally feeling overwhelmed. The goal is to increase morale and help you, Ryerson students, prepare for an upcoming semester in January before the stress gets to be too much to handle again. 

How do you deal with stress?


Furthermore, Ryerson does provide various services covered by tuition to support and empower students when stress becomes overwhelming and unmanageable. A new peer-to-peer support program just launched by Ryerson’s Health Promotion department called Student Health Assistance and Resilience Program (SHARP) led by third year Ryerson nursing students. Its purpose is to prevent that critical point where students can no longer manage their school, relationships with family, friends, peers and most importantly their health. SHARP aims to further assist and empower students to take control of the various stressors in their life.

SHARP is an excellent program for students who don’t want to speak to actual counselors in a sometimes uncomfortable setting- SHARP allowed you as Ryerson students to speak to fellow Ryerson peers about all matters health-related that you may be stressing over or have concerns about. From mental health, to addictions, and to general healthier living, SHARP has got you covered.

This program will be starting back up on January 16th, 2017 once all students have returned to campus. During the break, feel free to learn more about the team and what they have to offer for you: 
And feel free to book an appointment with the ambassadors and recognize the amount of control you have with the help of Ryerson and community services available to you! 🙂


Dawn Nguyen, Marissa Perrella.