“New Year, New Me!”… really?


By: Marissa Perrella


We have all heard this saying before, probably about once a day during the month of January for sure 😉 Everyone says that they’re going to change themselves or change something about their life in order to improve themselves or to better the lives of others… but talk obviously means nothing without action.

Here at Ryerson Health Promotion, we want to make those changes become a reality by helping you to actually TAKE ACTION and therefore to fulfil your goals and aspirations. So this blog is going to cover some of the most common “new year resolutions” and some of the programs, facilities and people who are available at Ryerson to help you actually achieve those goals.


“I want to lose weight”

Probably the most commonly heard resolution ever. One of the most important steps to take in order to lose weight (alongside eating a healthy diet) is exercise! The good thing is, it is also very easy to achieve if you are a Ryerson student because A GYM MEMBERSHIP IS ALREADY INCLUDED IN YOUR TUITION FEES! (Alright, this is a little bit snake-y because not everyone explicitly knows that they are getting charged for having access to the gym whether or not they use it, but hey at this point you may as well use the spent money and get to the gym!)


“I want to spend less money”

Don’t we all?! This might be a bit of a tricky resolution to fulfil depending on your financial situation, however there are a few things that I can suggest via Ryerson which may help to cut down on extra spending.

  • Food wise, there are 3 great locations on campus to grab an affordable (and often healthy) bite to eat- The Hub Cafeteria (in JOR on the main floor), The Ram, and Oakham (so many delicious specialties, mmmmm). If you haven’t checked these places out, you really should, because they have some really great deals for breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks, you name it!
  • Buy yourself some USED textbooks. You don’t need brand new ones that you probably will barely end up using anyways. And if you have a friend or two in that same class with you, buy one used textbook and split the cost of it! If you look up “buy and sell textbooks Ryerson” on Facebook, you’ll find the page that’ll probably have what you’re looking for J
  • Don’t go to the Eaton Centre just because you have a 2 hour break between classes. Instead of going home and doing homework or studying after you last class, do it in between your classes! I know it can be hard to focus when there are tons of people around and distractions like the mall literally right across the street, but how about checking out the “quiet floor” of the SLC to get some productive work done instead? Double win!


“I want to quit smoking”

As mentioned in previous blog posts (and on our Ryerson Health webpages such as Twitter and Facebook), Leave The Pack Behind is our schools smoking cessation program designed not to just promote anti-smoking, but rather to increase awareness about the consequences of smoking. LTPB runs several events and programs to help students feel completely educated on everything they need to know health-wise regarding tobacco and smoking, and offers support to those trying to quit/those interesting in quitting via counselling options AND more commonly by giving out free resources, free carbon monoxide testing and referrals to campus health professionals for FREE patches and gum!

  • The LTPB team will be returning to Ryerson on Monday January 16th. Feel free to contact them via the email in the link below, or visit POD 256-c (Health Promotion Office) weekdays between 9-5pm. To stay updated on events hosted by LTPB (such as free yoga and exercise classes etc.), follow @RyersonHealth on Twitter and Ryerson Health on Facebook!
  • http://www.ryerson.ca/healthandwellness/healthpromotion/ltpb/


“I want to get my grades higher”

Don’t we all? Although I cannot guarantee you that what I am about to talk about will improve your grades- it will help to give YOU the ability to work harder YOURSELF and may make things EASIER for you, but in the end, it’s you who has to put in the work and dedication to improve those grades J So, with that being said… the best FREE way that I could recommend to help improve those grades would be to use the resources that the Student Learning Support center offers!

  • English language support
  • Math support
  • Study skills and transition support
  • Graduate student support
  • Writing support
  • All of these are available in BOTH INDIVIDUAL and GROUP sessions, and as a Ryerson student you can attend 3 sessions EACH WEEK for free! Registration is required online via this link: