February 14th doesn’t have to be a sad day

Coming from a student (like most of you), I can honestly tell you that Valentine’s Day isn’t (intentionally) a day directed towards making those who are single feel lonely. We have all been there, being single on Valentine’s Day and telling everyone we will be “forever alone” and sulking because “no one loves you”, but the truth is, you don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to love you on Valentine’s Day. It’s not necessary about the love between two people, or the relationship that a couple shares… it’s just about  L O V E in general!

Now this blog might not be applicable to everyone out there, and that’s more than fine. But I can almost guarantee that one of the people that I mention in this blog are going to be relevant to you- and it’ll be your reminder of how much you love them.

Think about all of the love that you have gotten from your mom- how she cooks for you, gives you reminders about your doctor’s appointments, texts you good morning just to see how you are, and just overall how thoughtful she is. Moms are amazing- they work all day, come home and cook dinner, get groceries etc. and they somehow still manage to remember to remind you of appointments you have, things that you have to do, if your outfit looks bad (in a nice way)… moms are super heros!

So this Valentine’s Day, go and tell your mom that you love her. Remind her that you are thankful for her. Give her a hug <3

Now think about your dad- how awesome is your dad? Dads are hilarious, they tease you, they pick on you, and they always start arguments with you about literally everything because “they’re always right”, but think about how much you have learned from your dad. He has probably taught you so many different life skills- how to file taxes, how to pay bills, how to fix random things around the house… dads are so smart!

So this Valentine’s Day, tell your dad that he rocks, and tell him you love him too and appreciate what he’s done for you <3

What about friends?! Some people have dozens of friends, other people prefer to have 2 or 3 close friends… whatever the case may be, and sometimes we take our friends for granted. Maybe you see them every day, or maybe you see them once a year- whatever it may be, its so important to remind our good (and true) friends that we love them. It would be hard to get by without your bestie- who would you rant too? Who would you study with? Who would you laugh and cry and share memories with if it wasn’t for your best friends?

So this Valentine’s Day, remind your friends that they make the world a better place. Let them know that you love them, and you can’t imagine a day without them.

All of these things can really apply to anyone- whether its cousins, extended family, aunts, uncles, or even teachers and coaches! Everyone needs a little reminder that they are loved- so BE that reminder!

And last but not least (actually, this is probably the MOST important one…) remember to love yourself. We always talk about self-care and how you need to put your mental health before anything else… but sometimes (often) life gets in the way and we forget to take care of ourselves. On Valentine’s Day, treat YOURSELF to something you have been wanting to do- whether it’s a manicure/pedicure, a trip to your favourite restaurant or if you just want to stay in bed and play video games/watch Netflix all day- whatever it is, treat YOURSELF and do what YOUR want. Take that day to care for yourself, LOVE yourself, because it is so important to take care of our mental health <3