Back Pain Campaign!

Do you suffer with back pain?

Back pain can lead to various other problems, including headaches and additional stress. As students, we are constantly carrying around backpacks full of food, water, laptops, books, other personal belongings… and often these bags are heavier than our back can truly support.

Members of the SHARP team have developed a “Back Pain Campaign” to help students who suffer from back problems, and to help prevent those who don’t currently suffer from suffering in the future. Don’t get us wrong, your back can handle a LOT of weight and is a very strong part of the body, however because we ask so much of it, it is important to stretch daily in order to keep the muscles healthy.

The Back Pain Campaign event will take place NEXT Wednesday (March 29th). Details are in the image as follows 🙂

Here are some images from this weeks event- keep your eyes open for THIS BOOTH!

In addition to coming out to these great events, some SHARP team members have developed a pamphlet with information regarding at-home stretching, different bag carrying methods and more! Check out the photos below 🙂


IN ADDITION: We would like to inform all Ryerson students that massage therapy is offered right on campus to accommodate for everyone’s busy schedules! The link below will direct you to how to book an appointment, associated costs, etc.